Water is our most precious resource, and climate change-induced drought is one of the biggest threats to our water supply. The Collaborative is working to improve water conservation through education and outreach tactics, with an emphasis on those that decrease outdoor water usage, and encouraging water-wise policy changes. 


Resilience Plan Actions

From the Eagle County Community Resilience Plan

  • Adopt and enforce requirements that improve water quality and quantity.
  • Encourage the adoption of innovative indoor and outdoor water efficiency programs and strategies.
  • Plan, fund, and implement wildlife habitat restoration projects, especially in riparian zones.
  • Support water planning efforts that consider potential population growth in regard to Eagle County's water resource carrying capacity.


Read the Eagle County Community Resilience Plan
Resources for indoor water leaks
EPA WaterSense


Learn about Outdoor Water Efficiency
EPA WaterSense


Outdoor water efficiency rebates are available from Eagle River Water and Sanitation District for residential, commercial, and HOAs

According to Colorado State University Extension, xeriscaping is landscaping with water conservation­ as a major objective.

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