Natural Climate Solutions

The Nature Conservancy defines Natural Climate Solutions as conservation, restoration
and improved land management actions that increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse gas emissions in landscapes and wetlands across the globe. The Collaborative is working to increase the health of our landscapes and their carbon sequestration potential conservation, through smart land use practices, and carbon          offset programs.



Priority Actions

From the 2020 Climate Action Plan Update

  • Pilot projects on open space that use soil amendments to increase carbon sequestration.
  • Incorporate soil-health education to improve carbon sequestration and engage the community in stewardship.
  • Promote regenerative agriculture to enhance soil-health and carbon-sequestration.
  • Determine natural climate solutions plan to protect and enhance existing carbon stocks in Eagle County.
  • Implement a Good Traveler carbon offset program for Eagle County Airport.


Through a partnership with Eagle County Regional Airport and The Good Traveler, Walking Mountains Sustainability Programs and the Climate Action Collaborative are now receiving funds from travelers that wish to offset the emissions from their travel. These funds are used to support the important sustainability initiatives our programs achieve.

Putting your Land in a Conservation Easement

Seed Mixes for Land Restoration

Rent a No-Till Drill

With the help of ICLEI, we were able to participate in their Forests & Trees Carbon Accounting Cohort to learn more about carbon sequestration and land use in Eagle County. Read the two reports below: