Transportation emissions are our largest sector of emissions in Eagle County and they are on the rise. The Climate Action Collaborative  is working to develop robust multi-modal transportation options so our community members can more easily leave their cars behind.

Priority Actions

From the 2020 Climate Action Plan Update

  • 2% increase in electric vehicle penetration each year as a percentage of all registered vehicles in Eagle County.
  • Implement a behavior change campaign to reduce single-occupancy vehicle commute trips 2 days per week by encouraging local businesses to provide smart commuting incentives or establish policies to support multi-modal commuting, flexible work arrangements, and remote work.
  • Strive for 50% of the workforce living within 5 miles of their employment center via mixed-use communities, affordable community housing near job centers, and intercommunity multi-modal transportation options.


Increasing public transit ridership is one of the easiest ways to get our community members out of their single occupancy vehicles. Explore the resources below to learn how to access public transportation in Eagle County. 

Considering an EV? Start here:

Compare New and Used EVs

The Costs of EVs, EV Chargers, and Rebates

EV Charging

Dealerships and Mechanics

EV Battery Recycling

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Funding Resources

EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) Funding Resources

Eagle County is home to miles of paved bike paths:

Rebates can make purchasing an E-Bike more affordable! Check out these rebates to see how you can save: 

Remote work is a major trend. The resulting reduction in traffic, air pollution, and tailpipe emissions brings us closer to achieving Eagle County's Climate Action Plan goals. Commit to working from home two days a week by checking out our library of free resources and our remote work policy template.