Mountain IDEAL Destination Profiles

The Mountain IDEAL aims to engage destinations across the spectrum of sustainability good practice.  To do so, we offer three recognition programs: Top 100 Sustainability Stories, Mountain IDEAL Benchmarked, and Certified Sustainable Destination.  The Top 100 Program is open to any destination. It is a global celebration of replicable sustainability best practices. The Mountain IDEAL Benchmarking program is a good option for early adopters who are not in full compliance with the entire standard but want a roadmap to advance the implementation of stewardship and sustainability best practices. The Certified Sustainable Destination program is fulfilled by Green Destinations, a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body and is the pinnacle achievement for a destination to validate their global leadership in sustainable destination management. 

Case study reports are being prepared for each of our destination partners.  Please check back shortly for full details of the destination audits and findings.


Certified Mountain IDEAL Destinations

Vail, Colorado

Certified in 2017, Recertified 2021

Breckenridge, Colorado

Certified in 2021

Top 100 Mountain IDEAL Destinations

Aspen, Colorado

Top 100 2022

Durango, Colorado

Top 100 2022

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