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CSI: Wildlife

One popular television program was CSI. The forensics crime drama ran on CBS for 15 seasons. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) was a whodunit scenario where law enforcement personnel would collect, preserve, document, and analyze evidence found at the scene of a crime. Forensic specialists would then...

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We have an Impact on Ecosystems, but Not in a Good Way

Ecosystems are biological communities which consist of many organisms interacting in a specific physical environment. Humans are often considered the non-native species with the greatest impact on our environment. We make an impact locally, but also globally. Many of those global impacts can be...

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Text and Photos by Rick Spitzer,
For the Eagle County Wildlife Roundtable
Humans have had a reverence for raptors since the beginning of time. Native Americans took note of the majestic appearance of raptors and admired their hunting skills. Many Native Americans used talons and feathers...
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