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The Basecamp, The Climb & The Mountaintop Party 

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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Climb It for Climate 
Benefitting Walking Mountains Science Center (WMSC)

10:00am-Noon | The Basecamp Sponsored by Alpine Bank
(Lionshead Village, Eagle Bahn Gondola)

  • Event Check-In
  • Music by DJ Pippen
  • Hike & Gondola Ride Starting Point

10:00am-1:30pm | The Climb Sponsored by Fjallraven
(Berry Picker Trail or Eagle Bahn Gondola)

  • Hike the Berry Picker trail (2,200 feet over 4 miles) -or- Ride the Gondola & hike the Eagle's Loop trail at Eagle's Nest
  • Live music by Nick Steingart, Natalie Wade & Bob Masters
  • Fjallraven Fox QR Code Challenge - Win Prizes!

Eagle's Loop Nature Walk - If you opt to ride the gondola, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Nature Discovery Center and learn about local wildlife. Join a nature hike led by Walking Mountains Naturalists and soak in the beautiful mountain views as they highlight many wildlife adaptations and tell their climate stories. The hike typically lasts around 45 minutes from start to finish.

10:00am-2:00pm | Sponsor Village
(Eagle's Nest Patio, Top of Vail Mountain)

  • Discover and interact with the Action Stations (descriptions below)
  • Rutsu Nature Ninjas Games & Activities
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Climate Action Pledge Station

11:00am-2:00pm | Mountaintop Party Sponsored by Holy Cross Energy
(Vail Mountain, Eagle's Nest, 3rd Floor & Rooftop)

  • 11:30am-2:00pm - Live Music by The Runaway Grooms
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Bar - Wine compliments of the OBC Wine Project & beer compliments of Odell Brewing Company
  • Backpack Storage
  • 12:30 - Sustainability Remarks by Kristen Bertuglia, Environmental Sustainability Director, Town of Vail & Fritz Bratschie, Director of Sustainability, Vail Resorts followed by the presentation of the CIFC Annual Award Recognizing Exemplary Sustainability to Signature Aviation Vail (formerly known as Vail Valley Jet Center).

2:00pm | Ride the Gondola Down to Lionshead

Climb It For Climate Musicians Along the Hike up Berry Picker Trail
Climb It For Climate Map

climb It For Climate Action Stations

By Walking Mountains Science Center

Find your sense of place and examine human habitat impacts by comparing Eagle County land satellite images over time. Play a game get to know local wildlife and explore how the impacts of climate change affect habitat and lifestyle adaptations. Our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Action Station Location: Berry Picker Trail

By Walking Mountains Science Center

Have you ever wondered where the ingredients of your lunch came from? Prepare to be surprised! Join us at this action station to delve into the environmental impact of our food choices and consider sustainable alternatives for your next meal.

Action Station Location: Eagle's Nest Patio


By Walking Mountains Science Center &
Eagle River Watershed Council

Discover if your backyard is truly sustainable. Explore the differences between traditional lawns and lawns that are more sustainable. Uncover strategies to save water through intentional landscaping. Dive into landscape assessment, planning, and designing, as well as exploring rebates. Together, let's transform our local vegetation species and create a lawn that not only looks beautiful but also protects our precious watershed. Join us in designing a lawn and crafting inspirational signs to safeguard our watershed! 

Action Station Location: Eagle's Nest Patio

By Walking Mountains Science Center

Participants are invited to design an ecologically balanced community by making choices among various community features that cannot all coexist within the limits of the community. This means they may need to decide between having a shopping plaza or a hospital. This activity encourages participants to find a compromise between their needs and desires while taking on the role of a sustainability-focused community planner.

Action Station Location: Eagle's Nest Patio


By Walking Mountains Science Center &
holy Cross Energy

With assistance from the teams at WMSC and Holy Cross Energy, transforming your home into an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious habitat has never been simpler. Visit Your Sustainable Home, an interactive exhibit showcasing essential features and technologies that not only enhance the comfort of your habitat but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Action Station Location: Eagle's Nest Patio