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ReEnergize Eagle County will coordinate and pay for home improvements up to $7,500. Additional funds may be available from local utilities depending on home location and project details.To reach as many households as possible this program is limited to one-time per home.

Measures that may be provided: Insulation, Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, LED Lighting, Programmable Thermostats, Storm Windows, Heating/Cooling System, Water Heater, Kitchen Stove, Refrigerator, or Spot Ventilation.
All measures subject to findings through a comprehensive home energy assessment. Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) will complete energy visits and improvements.

A free comprehensive home energy assessment includes a home visit (2-3 hours) & detailed report with recommended actions for home improvements. Energy coaching during and after the home visit ensures an understanding of energy use in the home and reviews projects that may be completed free of charge through the ReEnergize program.

Household income limited to 150% AMI (Area Median Income)- current 150% thresholds shown in table

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Enroll for ReEnergize Today 

Funding is first come, first serve so don't wait! Use the form below to enroll for ReEnergize. See the screenshots below for step by step instructions on how to enroll. 

To enroll for the program you will need to fill out the Energy Smart Home Energy Assessment Enrollment form and select ReEnergize. A home energy assessment is required for any home improvements through ReEnergize. 

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Step 1: Fill out the Energy Smart Colorado Enrollment Form

This form will help us get you a Home Energy Assessment which is the first step of the ReEnergize program. In the Home Energy Assessment your Energy Analyst will determine what upgrades will best help your home. 

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Step 2: Select ReEnergize

On Step 4 of the enrollment form, select ReEnergize Eagle County as your Local Qualified Program. You can check if you qualify using the chart in the form or this page. 

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Step 3: Submit the Form

Once you submit the enrollment form you will be sent to the Energy Smart Assessment Confirmation page. You will then be contacted to set up your home energy assessment. Please note that this process may take a few weeks. 

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Have Problems or Questions? Contact Us.

If you are struggling with the enrollment form or need help determining what program is right for you please Contact an Energy Coach. 


Si preferitas hablar en espanol puedes usar este link.

Don't think you qualify? 

No worries, we have programs for everyone with Energy Smart Colorado that supply rebates for energy efficiency and electrification projects. Learn more about our broader programs including municipality specific rebate programs, opportunities for commercial buildings, and more! 

ReEnergize Eagle County is an Eagle County Goverment Program in Partnership with: 

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